Education Law

Freund, Freeze & Arnold continues to successfully represent both public and nonpublic educational institutions. We understand schools are in the business of education. Thus, we approach our work in this field with the goal of helping our clients do just that by effectively and efficiently solving their legal problems, and minimizing the stress and hassle inherent in legal issues. Although attorneys are often not consulted until a lawsuit has been filed, education law provides the unique opportunity for our attorneys to assist education clients by not only solving their immediate problems, but also by providing proactive problem prevention.

The firm's experienced education law attorneys handle a variety of matters, including:

  • Civil tort liability, including premises liability, school bus liability, negligent supervision, sexual harassment and injuries due to the criminal acts of third parties;
  • Constitutional issues, including search and seizure in the schools and evaluating claimed student rights with respect to the First Amendment's provisions for freedom of speech, freedom of religion and issues regarding separation of church and state;
  • Special education due process hearings before independent hearing officers, as well as during the appellate process;
  • Employee relations, including developing student and employee handbooks, policies and procedures, contract terminations and non-renewals, collective bargaining agreements, defense against employment discrimination, and wrongful termination;
  • Student attendance issues, student dress codes, and student suspension and expulsion, including temporary restraining order hearings; and
  • Public record and open meeting laws.

Freund, Freeze & Arnold possesses vast resources developed through decades of litigation experience, and we put these resources to work for our school law clients in all of these areas and others, including construction law, transportation law and environmental law. With offices in Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio, and attorneys licensed in several states, we use a team approach to efficiently and effectively represent our clients on a regional basis.

Our attorneys are also available to address current legal issues for school administrators and teachers through publications, presentations and seminars throughout the year. Compliance with statutes protecting students and employees with disabilities, minimizing tort liability and complying with Ohio employment laws are just a few of the topics we are pleased to present.

If you would like to talk with one of our experienced attorneys, please call us at 877.332.1529 or write to us using our contact form.