Product Liability Defense

Freund, Freeze & Arnold has acquired considerable expertise in the defense of large and small manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, retailers, and others in products liability actions, including claims of negligence, strict liability, design defect, manufacturing defects, breach of warranty, failure to warn, and consumer protection claims. The attorneys of the firm have successfully defended, in both state and federal courts, a wide range of products, including aircraft, aircraft components, animal feed, asbestos, automobiles and other vehicles, building materials, consumer goods, conveyor systems, farm and construction equipment, fire suppression systems, food preparation equipment, household products, high speed container printing machines, industrial equipment and machinery, medical devises, mechanical power presses, outdoor power equipment, and toxic substances.

Our skills include the ability to analyze the design, operation, and use of both simple and complex products, and to develop a defense which is logical and able to be readily understood by both judges and juries. We have worked closely with in-house counsel, engineers, design professionals, quality assurance managers, safety experts, and employees of manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, retailers, and others to understand the methods by which products are conceptualized, developed, tested, produced, distributed, and sold in the marketplace.

Our involvement with many products liability cases has resulted in a close working relationship with expert witnesses and consultants, many of whom are drawn from industrial and research backgrounds. These experts and consultant assist us in providing an early evaluation of the issues involved to determine the potential exposure presented to our client, and to successfully resolve the matter in an efficient and cost effective manner.