Toxic Torts

Through representation of general contractors and subcontractors in all trades, Freund, Freeze & Arnold has developed extensive experience with litigation of environmental and toxic torts. The attorneys of the firm have successfully defended property damage, personal injury, and coverage actions related to the ever-expanding area of environmental and toxic torts. Modern construction methods, medical testing, a few runaway verdicts, and increasing media attention serve to fuel the increase in these claims.

Freund, Freeze & Arnold has experience representing builders/contractors; landlords; architects; engineers; design professionals; remediation contractors; insurers, employers; masons; EIFS installers; and a variety of other defendants who are frequently the target of increased environmental and toxic torts litigation. We have worked closely with the emerging experts regarding indoor air quality and building practices. Freund, Freeze & Arnold is monitoring the national landscape as environmental and construction standards emerge.

Our involvement with all aspects of environmental and toxic tort cases has resulted in a close working relationship with the leading expert witnesses and consultants trusted to give reliable opinions regarding these claims.