Bad Faith Attorneys

Freund, Freeze & Arnold is recognized as a leading advocate for insurance companies and their insureds.

Freund, Freeze & Arnold attorneys handle all matters involving personal injury and property damage based claims including fire and theft, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, construction, mold, professional errors and omissions, medical expense claims, first party health insurance, auto accidents, premises liability and product liability.  These underlying claims can and sometimes lead to coverage disputes and ultimately bad faith claims against the companies, creating significant risk and financial exposure to the companies.  Our attorneys provide sound coverage opinions based on the specific facts, policy language and current law and are able to assist on all coverage matters.  Our attorneys also handle declaratory judgment actions and bad faith matters and have successfully litigated cases at all court levels. Freund, Freeze & Arnold attorneys possess the experience and the in-depth knowledge needed to resolve these high risk claims, providing an invaluable service to our insurance-based clients. 

Freund, Freeze & Arnold has a history of successfully resolving high risk claims, drawing upon the varied backgrounds of our attorneys and our team approach to dispute resolution. Our experience and the judgment that comes with that experience is put to work for our clients in the handling these claims.