Legal Malpractice Defense

An attorney's potential exposure to legal malpractice liability is a fact of life in today's legal environment. A complex and evolving set of legal rules and principles govern lawyer liability. Recently, we have seen an influx in the filing of legal malpractice lawsuits. A lawyer alleged to have practiced law below the standard of care needs experienced counsel to defend these often intricate cases. Further, lawyers having a question regarding a current client situation or case should have in his or her arsenal a law firm that has encountered these various issues and can provide knowledgeable and experienced counsel.

Specific Types Of Lawyer Malpractice Cases Handled:

  • Negligence: Substantive legal errors, substandard draftsmanship, missed deadlines, litigation errors. We have handled a variety of lawyer malpractice cases alleging negligence on the following underlying matters:
    • Business Transactions
    • Employment
    • Settlements
    • Probate / Estates / Trusts
    • Real Estate
    • Criminal Defense
    • Bankruptcy
    • Administrative Law
    • Domestic Relations
    • Class Actions
    • Trademark Infringement
    • Product Liability
    • Workers' Compensation
    • Personal Injury
    • Trial Practice
    • Litigation Strategy
  • Conflict of Interest: Simultaneous representation of conflicting interests, failures to disclose material facts, breaches of fiduciary duty of loyalty.
  • Ethical Complaints/Grievances: Both at the local and state level.
  • Fraud: Concealing material information, fabrication.
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty: Mishandling client funds, misusing privileged and confidential information, business transactions with clients.
  • Negligent Misrepresentation: Erroneous reports or opinions for the guidance of others in business transactions.

Freund, Freeze & Arnold's breadth and depth of experience in the legal malpractice defense field, including negotiated resolutions, pre-suit matters, summary judgments, trials and appeals enables us to competently and confidently defend and counsel Ohio lawyers exposed to legal malpractice claims and/or ethical complaints or discipline. Our lawyers are knowledgeable and empathetic advisers to Ohio lawyers who have been accused of legal malpractice. We represent both insured and self-insured attorneys and law firms and pride ourselves on being particularly successful in getting prior cases dismissed on summary judgment.

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