Premises Liability

Freund, Freeze & Arnold regularly represents retail store owners, commercial and residential landlords, and homeowners and other premises owners in defense of lawsuits arising from liability associated with the ownership and/or control of premises. Our attorneys have extensive experience in motion practice and trial defense of these claims which may arise in either state or federal courts in the tri-state region of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.

Our proven experience in premises liability law includes, but is not limited to:

  • Defense of slip and falls in retail establishments;
  • Defense of slip and falls alleged to be due from manmade or natural conditions;
  • Defense of false arrest and/or imprisonment claims arising from shoplifting stops;
  • Defense of claims of injury or damage due to the criminal acts of third parties on commercial premises;
  • Defense of landlord liability claims from tenants and/or guests;
  • Defense of claims of injury or damage caused by animals owned or controlled by premises owners;
  • Defense of claims of attractive nuisance or swimming pool liability.

The firm has proven experience and an established track record in successfully and responsibly handling both large and small premises liability matters of all types. Our attorneys are also available to provide presentations to the firm's clients on premises liability issues at our clients' request.

If you would like to talk with one of our experienced attorneys, please call us at 877.332.1529 or write to us using our contact form.