Nursing Home and Long Term Care Defense

Freund Freeze & Arnold specializes in the defense of long-term care and nursing facilities. Nursing home negligence cases will increase exponentially because as our nation grows older, more long-term care facilities and nursing homes will open every year. Nursing home malpractice will be the latest frontier in personal injury litigation.

Our attorneys understand the special concerns and issues involved with defending nursing homes, and recognizes the balance between patient needs for assisted daily living and the nursing home's right to a fair presentation of its treatment, care and concern for its patients. Whether it's a resident suffering a fall inside the nursing facility or the development of a decubitus ulcer, we recognize that injuries can occur even when facilities render care and treatment that far exceeds the standard of care.

We are especially attentive to the evolving nature of non-hospital health care, and we help our nursing home clients and insurers prevent lawsuits as well as vigorously defend against them. Freund Freeze & Arnold defends nursing home cases in every stage of litigation, including overseeing investigations and handling all pre-trial, trial and post trial proceedings.

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